About the regulatory index

The regulatory index is a subject matter index that will help you find ASIC regulatory documents and legislative instruments on whatever topic you want to know about.

The regulatory index has three levels of subject categorisation, enabling you to find documents under general or more specific topics.

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What you can find using the regulatory index

The regulatory index contains links from topics to the following ASIC documents:

What you will not find using the regulatory index

The regulatory index does not link you to:

  • instruments of individual relief
    • For copies of instruments of individual relief published after 1 July 2001 refer to the ASIC Gazette. Many of these instruments are also referred to in our reports on Overview of decisions on relief applications.
  • legislation that ASIC administers
  • regulatory documents by reference to relevant legislation
    • The regulatory index does not contain a legislative index

How to use the regulatory index

The following tips will help you navigate the regulatory index:

  • The regulatory index categroises documents under an appropriate heading. As many of our documents cover multiple subjects you will find most documents listed under more than one heading.
  • The regulatory index has 3 levels of headings under which you can find documents. You may need to choose a couple of headings before you reach the most relevant heading for your needs.
    • The regulatory index does not catalogue a document under a particular heading unless that document substantially relates to that heading. You cannot, for example, find every regulatory guide in which we have mentioned the word 'debenture' under the heading Debentures. This type of search facility is available in the ASIC Digest. Here's how to subscribe to the ASIC Digest
  • There are cross referenced links within the regulatory index. You may need to follow them to find all documents you are searching for. For example, if you look under Product disclosure statement under the Managed Investment Schemes heading, you will find documents directly relevant to product disclosure in the context of managed investment schemes. However, you would not find all the documents we have published on product disclosure unless you followed the cross reference link to other relevant headings.

Do you have feedback?

The regulatory index is a work in progress, and we would appreciate your feedback on how useful you find it and suggestions about how it could be improved. If you would like to contact us about the regulatory index, please email: feedback@asic.gov.au

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