Crossing systems registered with ASIC

On this page, ASIC publishes a record of crossing systems and their operators. Each crossing system is assigned a code identifying the crossing system for regulatory data purposes.

From November 2013, each crossing system operator will provide a link to an external webpage to provide the public with information for each of its crossing systems, as required by Chapter 5A of the ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Securities Markets) 2017 and Chapter 5 of the ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Futures Markets) 2017. The requirements are explained in more detail in Regulatory Guide 265 Guidance on ASIC market integrity rules for participants of securities markets and Regulatory Guide 266 Guidance on ASIC market integrity rules for participants of futures markets.

Operator of crossing system

Crossing system identifier

Date of commencement

Publicly available crossing system information

BestEx Pty Ltd


March 2015 (ceased operation June 2015) 


BestEx Pty Ltd - Block Event

2011 26 November 2015

BestEx Pty Ltd - Block Event (PDF 161 KB)

Citigroup Global Markets Australia


– Crossing System 2


July 2013 (ceased operation 1 July 2019)


– Crossing System 1


February 2006 (ceased operation July 2014)


CLSA Australia Pty Ltd


October 2012

CLSA Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 190 KB)

Commonwealth Securities Limited


– Crossing System 3


November 2012 (ceased operation April 2014)

– Crossing System 2


May 2011

(ceased operation October 2013)


– Crossing System 1

May 2011 (ceased operation February 2014)

Credit Suisse Equities (Australia) Limited


– Crossing System 2


May 2009 (ceased operation October 2016)


– Crossing System 1


April 2006

Credit Suisse Equities (Australia) Limited website

Deutsche Securities Australia Limited

– Crossing System 2


June 2011 (ceased operation March 2020)

Deutsche Securities Australia Limited (PDF 51 KB)

– Crossing System 1

June 2010 (ceased operation May 2013)



February 2013 (ceased operation May 2013)


Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd


January 2010

Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 146 KB)

ICAP Futures (Australia) Pty Limited




– Crossing System 2

CAP 2 August 2017 ICAP Futures (Australia) Pty Ltd - Equities Volume Matching
 – Crossing System 1 CAP 1 September 2015 ICAP Futures (Australia) Pty Ltd - Energy Futures Matching

Instinet Australia Pty Limited


April 2011

Instinet Australia Pty Limited (PDF 146 KB)

J.P. Morgan Securities Limited


- Crossing System 2


October 2015

J.P. Morgan Securities Limited (PDF 93 KB)

- Crossing System 1


August 2011 (ceased operation June 2016)


Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd


February 2008

Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd

Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited



- Crossing System 2 1562 March 2018

Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited - MACB

- Crossing System 1


September 2010

Macquarie Securities (Australia) Limited - MAQX 

Merrill Lynch Equities (Australia) Limited


August 2010 (ceased operation 6 March 2017)

Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) website

Morgan Stanley Australia Securities Limited


March 2010

Morgan Stanley Australia Securities Limited (PDF 160 KB)

State One Stockbroking Ltd


November 2012

State One Stockbroking Ltd (PDF 127 KB)


Securities Australia Ltd


– Crossing System 2


August 2012 (ceased operation January 2016)


– Crossing System 1


August 2005
(ceased operation in March 2019)


Virtu ITG Australia Ltd


May 2010

Virtu ITG Australia Ltd (PDF 108 KB)

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