New developments in funds management

Asia Region Funds Passport Pilot Program

Expressions of interest are being sought to participate in a Pilot Program for the Asia Region Funds Passport in early 2018 from:

  • home country fund operator (exporter)
  • host country distributor (importer), and
  • key legal and tax-related advisory service providers.

To participate in the Pilot Program, applicants for the role of fund operator must be an entity that is eligible to operate a Passport fund and have a fund that meets the criteria to apply for registration as a Passport fund.

Distributors and providers of legal and tax-related advisory services must be relevantly licensed and qualified to provide such services.

Participants must be willing to provide regular feedback about their experiences.

Further information is available on the APEC Funds Passport site. Please contact the Financial Services Council (FSC) at,or, if you are not a member of the FSC, contact ASIC at

New guidance released for consultation

ASIC has released Consultation Paper 296 Funds management (CP 296), which seeks feedback on our proposed guidance in relation to managed investment schemes, corporate collective investment vehicles (CCIVs) and passport funds under the Asia Region Funds Passport, including six draft new and updated regulatory guides:

  • draft Regulatory Guide 000 Funds management: Establishing and registering a fund
  • draft updated Regulatory Guide 132 Funds management: Compliance and oversight
  • draft updated Regulatory Guide 133 Funds management and custodial services: Holding assets
  • draft updated Regulatory Guide 134 Funds management: Constitutions
  • draft updated Regulatory Guide 136 Funds management: Discretionary powers
  • draft Regulatory Guide 000 Foreign passport funds.

These draft regulatory guides will help responsible entities of registered schemes, corporate directors and depositaries of CCIVs, passport fund operators, other AFS licensees involved in funds management, oversight entities and their advisers understand their obligations under the managed investments regime and the proposed new CCIV and Asia Region Funds Passport regimes.

Industry briefing

On 24 November 2017, ASIC hosted a briefing for funds management industry participants. This session covered our proposed new guidance for CCIVs and passport funds, as well as an update on the changes for managed investment schemes.


What's new

ASIC updates guidance for funds management industry

ASIC has released a suite of seven new and updated regulatory guides to provide comprehensive guidance to the funds management industry. The guidance has been updated for changes arising from the Asia Region Funds Passport and brings all of ASIC's funds management policies up to date to help promote industry-wide consistency. 18-222MR. 31 July

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