Unclaimed money

ASIC is responsible for handling all unclaimed moneys from:

  • authorised deposit taking institutions, under s69 of the Banking Act 1959 (Banking Act)
  • life insurance companies & benefit fund friendly societies, only for annual returns made under s216 of the Life Insurance Act 1995 (Life Insurance Act)
  • companies with unclaimed money/property, under sections 668A, 668B, 1343, 1343A 1017E, 601AD(2), 601AD(1A), 601NG, 544 and 414 of the Corporations Act 2001(Corporations Act).

Lodging unclaimed money returns - for institutions

Claiming unclaimed money - for institutions

Unclaimed money reports

What do the changes to the Commonwealth unclaimed money laws mean for consumers?

Search for Unclaimed Money

Lodging unclaimed money returns - for institutions

Deadlines for sending us your returns

  Returns for year ended Lodge with ASIC by
Authorised deposit taking institutions 31 December 31 March the following year
Insurance companies & benefit fund friendly societies 31 December 31 March the following year
Companies with s668A(4) (Corporations Act) records to be published 31 December 31 January the following year (for publication by 28 February)

How to lodge returns (including nil returns)

Claiming unclaimed money – for institutions

Although unclaimed money is provided to ASIC, some institutions remain the first point of contact for consumers wanting to claim those funds. Once satisfied that the consumer is entitled to the unclaimed money, the institution will make a claim to ASIC on behalf of the entitled person for the return of those funds.

If you are an institution and want to make a claim, go to:

Unclaimed money reports

In accordance with section 8(2)(g) of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth), ASIC publishes full reports of unclaimed money records that we routinely provide in response to FOI requests.

Please note these are very large files and will be updated monthly.

If you are searching for unclaimed money to claim yourself, see 'Finding unclaimed money - for consumers' below.

Finding unclaimed money - for consumers

To find unclaimed money, go to our consumer website, MoneySmart, to do an online search.

MoneySmart also provides a link to searching lost superannuation on the ATO website.

What's new

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Crowd-sourced funding

19 July 2017

ASIC Commissioner John Price joins the podcast to discuss recent law reform around crowd-sourced funding and ASIC's role in administering the new legislation.

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