Financial Services and Credit Panel

The Financial Services and Credit Panel (FSCP) assists ASIC with making administrative decisions on certain matters relating to retail financial services and credit activities.

The FSCP is a pool of industry participants that ASIC draws upon when forming individual sitting panels.

Each sitting panel comprises two members from the FSCP and an ASIC staff member.

Sitting panels operate alongside our existing administrative decision-making processes for retail financial services and credit activities by providing an element of peer review.

Sitting panels decide whether we will make banning orders against individuals for misconduct in the course of providing retail financial services and/or engaging in credit activities.

A banning matter may be referred to an individual sitting panel where we consider it appropriate for peer review because of its significance, complexity or novelty.

See Regulatory Guide 263 for more information about the principles and processes of the Financial Services and Credit Panel.

Following expressions of interest from leaders in the financial services and consumer credit industry to become members of the FSCP, ASIC has initially selected for appointment the following people:

Annette Spencer Gaye Simpson
Brad Fox Gayle Cilfone
Bruce Debenham Jennifer Diggle
Calvert Duffy Johanna Turner
Christine McArthur Naomi Layton
Dacian Moses Peter Wade
Don Crellin Stephen Cavanagh
Fiona Rowland Brian Salter
Gabrielle Bouffler Cherie Feher

Background information on members will be provided shortly.

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