Corporate governance

Directors and company officers play an essential role in establishing and maintaining the standard of a company's corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a driver of the operations and performance of a company. The term 'corporate governance' is broad and has many components including relationships between stakeholders, frameworks, decision making and responsibility.

ASIC guidance

ASIC provides guidance to assist individuals and responsible entities to comply with their obligations, make good decisions and act in the best interests of investors.

We regularly engage with stakeholders on corporate governance-related issues through articles in external publications, speeches at events and the publications of reports, regulatory guides and information sheets.

The following articles, speeches and other publications detail ASIC’s viewpoint on aspects of corporate governance.

Other sources of guidance

Regulatory and best practice guidance in relation to matters of corporate governance can also be found at:

Guidance on matters of corporate governance – particularly directors' duties – can be found in the judgements of various Australian courts.

What's new

Corporate Governance Taskforce Report

October 2019

ASIC’s report detailing observations on director and officer oversight of non-financial risk.

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