Corporate governance

Directors and company officers play an essential role in establishing and maintaining the standard of a company's corporate governance.

Corporate governance is a driver of the performance of a company. The term 'corporate governance' is broad and has many components.

This section of the website sets out ASIC's view on various aspects of corporate governance, including any regulatory guidance we have issued. It includes general information on obligations of company directors and officers as well as information that may be of interest to other governance professionals such as risk and compliance officers.

ASIC guidance

ASIC regularly engages with stakeholders on corporate governance-related issues through articles in external publications, speeches at events and the publications of reports, regulatory guides and information sheets. We use these opportunities to inform interested individuals about issues of current concern to ASIC and provide guidance to assist these individuals and companies to comply with their obligations.

The following web pages include links to articles, speeches and other publications on discrete aspects of corporate governance. Please note the materials contain ASIC's view at a point in time and you should consider the date of issue when reading them.

Other sources of guidance

There are many other sources of regulatory and best practice guidance in relation to matters of corporate governance. These include:

Another important source of guidance on matters of corporate governance – particularly directors' duties – are the judgements of various Australian courts.

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