OFFERlist is for issuers of disclosure documents; see the fundraising provisions of Chapter 6D and the financial product disclosure provisions in Part 7.9 of the Corporations Act.

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What are disclosure documents?

Disclosure documents are documents required to be lodged pursuant to either the requirements of Chapter 6D or Part 7.9 of the Corporations Act 2001. These documents are prepared by issuers to assist a consumer in making a decision to invest in a fundraising offer or a financial product.

The following fundraising disclosure documents for fundraising offers are lodged with us and are listed in the OFFERlist database, pursuant to Chapter 6D:

  • Prospectus (s713) an unabridged document containing the information necessary for investors and their professional advisers to make an informed assessment of an offer for securities
  • Short form prospectus (s712) a short prospectus which refers to documents lodged with ASIC where information in these documents forms part of the prospectus
  • Profile statement a document which provides a key summary of a prospectus
  • Offer information statement a document that discloses standard information about an offer seeking to raise $10 million or less

Fund raising disclosure documents which are exempt from lodgement do not need to be entered onto OFFERlist entry.

The following financial product disclosure document is lodged with us and listed in the OFFERlist database, pursuant to Part 7.9:

  • Product Disclosure Statement a disclosure document that contains certain information that a person would reasonably require for the purposes of making a decision, as a retail client, whether to acquire the product

Only product disclosure statements for certain managed investments are required to be lodged with ASIC: see section 1015B of the Corporations Act.

Why do I have to notify details of the offer on OFFERlist?

To assist with the public exposure of disclosure documents, all disclosure documents lodged with us are listed in a public database known as OFFERlist.

The OFFERlist entry transaction allows issuers of disclosure documents to publish summary data about their offer or financial product in OFFERlist to better describe their offer or financial product to the market. When these offers involve securities which are not quoted on a stock exchange, information as to where and how the disclosure document may be accessed during the exposure period can also be provided.

Issuers of disclosure documents should read the ‘Terms and conditions’ before using OFFERlist entry.

When should I use OFFERlist?

When you have completed the preparation of a disclosure document and before you lodge the document with us, you should use OFFERlist entry to record summary information about your offer for display on OFFERlist.

This summary information will be stored and not published on OFFERlist until the disclosure document has been physically lodged with us. You may also need to use OFFERlist entry if the details of your offer need to be updated at a later date.

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