Applying for and managing your liquidator registration

To apply for registration as a liquidator, you must lodge an application form with supporting documents.

Due to the small number of applications, we do not offer electronic lodgement.

Before you start preparing your application take the time to thoroughly read our Regulatory Guide 258 Registered Liquidators: Registration, disciplinary actions and insurance requirements (RG 258).

Before you submit your application

When you submit your application, use the Liquidator registration checklist to ensure you include all the information required.

Please download the following liquidator registration documents when preparing your application.

Your application must be made in the approved form, which means it must be made in Form 903B, include the information, statements, explanations or other matters required by Form 903B and be accompanied by other material required by Form 903B.

You will be invoiced for the prescribed fee after your application has been accepted for lodgement. See Information Sheet 30: Fees for commonly lodged documents (INFO 30) for fee details.

Referral to committee

If your application is in the approved form, it will be referred to a committee. The committee will only decide that a person should be registered as a liquidator if the committee is satisfied that the person meets the criteria for registration.


ASIC will register a person as a liquidator if the committee decides that the person should be registered and the person produces evidence in writing to ASIC that the person has taken out adequate and appropriate professional indemnity and fidelity insurance against the liabilities the person may incur working as a registered liquidator.

ASIC registers a person as a liquidator by entering the person's details on the Register of Liquidators. After registering the person as a liquidator, ASIC will give the person a certificate of registration. The registration is subject to the current conditions imposed on the registered liquidator and has effect for 3 years.

Where should you send your application?

Send a scanned copy of all supporting documents and a scanned copy of the signed application form by email to: The size limit of each email we will accept is 10 MB. If necessary, to meet size limits, please send multiple emails containing supporting documents. Make sure that you include the applicant name in the subject line of each email.

For more information about the registration process please contact us online or phone us on 1300 300 630.

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