Tips for applying for auditor registration

To avoid delay in assessing your application, provide complete information that addresses all the application requirements and ensure that you pay the required fee.

We cannot register a person who is disqualified from managing a corporation and may refuse to register a person who is not resident in Australia.

Use the relevant template documents to submit your application:

The following documents are Word versions of documents reproduced in Appendix 1 of RG 180:

You should read the auditor registration conditions:

  • Regulatory Guide 180 Auditor registration (RG 180)
  • Pro forma 215 Company auditor registration conditions (PF 215)
  • Pro forma 216 Authorised audit company registration conditions (PF 216)
  • Pro forma 217 Deed: authorised audit company run-off insurance cover (PF 217)

We are always looking to improve our information for auditors so we would like to know what's important to you. Please leave us some feedback.



Last updated: 30/06/2016 02:31