Request correction of a representative details

If a financial adviser or authorised representative's details are not correct, or there is a typographical error, you may be able to request a correction.

Corrections are limited to date/place of birth or typographical errors. You cannot use this transaction to update details like your address or your name; you will need to update this information through ASIC Connect.

How can I request a correction?

An AFS licensee or authorised representative can only request a correction for a representative they have appointed.

We may contact you to request further evidence in support of the correction - for example, drivers licence, birth certificate.

You can only request a correction of the following information:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Any information that has typographical errors in it

Requesting a correction can be done through ASIC Connect. See our User guides for step-by-step instructions.

Known system problems

During the initial appointment period for financial advisers in March 2015, there were some technical problems that impacted appointments. If you experienced any of the issues listed below, you can request a correction to fix them:

  • only able to select one authorisation under Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) or Life products product authorisations
  • not able to lodge appointments where the financial adviser or authorised representative was appointed on the day the AFS licence was granted or
  • not able to lodge appointments where the controlling entity details were longer than 50 characters. 

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