Small business-waiving a late lodgement fee

We do not have the authority to waive an annual review fee, document lodgement fee or other fees prescribed by law. However, in some cases, we can waive fees when documents are lodged late.

We may consider waiving a late fee where matters are outside the control of all the officers of the company and any representatives. Examples of when we may waive a late fee include:

  • a delay caused by a court

  • records seized by ASIC or police

  • records damaged or destroyed

  • exceptional circumstances

  • natural disaster, or

  • industrial dispute.

You must provide detailed proof that the delay was beyond your control.

Applying for a waiver

Before applying to have a late fee waived:

  • ensure the fee is one that ASIC can waive – that is, only late fees – not annual review fees, lodgment fees or fees prescribed by law

  • all outstanding fees have been paid, including the late fee – we will refund the late fee if your application is accepted, and

  • complete a fee waiver application online or write to us, including all of the relevant information (see Fee waivers for more information) at:

Australian Securities and Investments Commission
Fee Waiver request
PO BOX 4000
Gippsland Mail Centre VIC 3841

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