Small business-how to lodge documents and avoid late fees

Documents can be lodged:

  • online at – by you or by a third party, such as an accountant, lodging agent, solicitor or ASIC-registered agent

  • by mail addressed to ASIC, PO Box 4000, Gippsland Mail Centre Vic 3841

  • in person at an ASIC Service Centre or ASIC local representative.

As a director (or company secretary, if you have been appointed as one), you are legally responsible for lodging documents. You are also legally responsible when you have appointed a third party, such as an accountant, lodging agent, solicitor or ASIC-registered agent, to lodge documents on behalf of your company.

Documents are only considered lodged when they are received and accepted by ASIC. 

Late fees

We collect fees from companies on behalf of the Australian Government. The law sets out when a fee must be paid and the amount.

We charge late fees when:

  • certain documents are lodged late, or

  • a fee is not paid on time.

We do not have the authority to waive an annual review fee, document lodgement fee or other fees prescribed by law. However, in some cases, we can waive fees when documents are lodged late: see Waiving of a late lodgement fee

If a company fails to pay an outstanding fee, we can take legal action and may deregister the company.

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