Small business-changing a company type

During the life of your company, the activities or nature of what you are doing may change so much that the existing company type no longer suits your needs. If this is the case, you may decide to change your company type. 

This is a serious step, so we recommend you seek legal advice before making such a change.

Under the Corporations Act, only certain types of conversions are allowed, including changing a proprietary company limited by shares to:

  • an unlimited proprietary company

  • an unlimited public company

  • a public company limited by shares

In order to change your company type, you must first pass a special resolution and then lodge a Form 205 Notification of resolution and a  Form 206 Application for change of company type with ASIC.

Once this has been done, we will publish a notice in the Commonwealth Gazette stating that we intend to change the company's registration. This change will take effect one month after the notice is published.

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For a list of the types of conversions that are permitted under the Corporations Act and further information regarding changes to company types, see Information Sheet 18 Changing company type.

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