Small business-changing a company name

After you have registered your company, you can change your company name but the new name must be available and acceptable for registration.

A new name is available unless the name is:

  • identical to a name that is reserved for, or registered to, another body

  • identical to a name on the national Business Names Register held by someone other than the company applying to have the name, or

  • unacceptable for registration – for example, where the name includes the word ‘trustee’, ‘consumer’, ‘bank’, ‘ANZAC’, or other specified words, or where the name may suggest a misleading connection with government or the Royal Family, or may be offensive to the public.

You can check company name availability on ASIC Connect.

After you have chosen the new name you must:

  • convene a meeting of the company members (shareholders) and pass a special resolution to change the company name – it must be passed by at least 75% of the votes cast by members entitled to vote on the resolution

  • lodge Form 205 Notification of resolution with ASIC, including details of the special resolution (within 14 days of passing the special resolution), and

  • pay the lodgement fee of $403.

If all relevant criteria are satisfied, we will change your company’s details on our corporate register. The changes are effective from that date.

If the new name is not available or acceptable, we will write to you (or to the company’s registered office) giving our reasons for rejecting the name. If you have paid the lodgement fee, we will either apply it to a further Form 205 application or refund the money if requested.

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