Applying to ASIC for reinstatement

If you want to reinstate your company, you will need to apply to ASIC by following the steps below.

How to apply for reinstatement

Step 1 – Check if the company name is still available

Use our Check Name Availability search to see if the company is still available.

If the name has been taken since the company was deregistered, we can change the company name as per the ACN (e.g. ACN 123 456 789 Pty Ltd.). You must let us know this as part of your application for reinstatement.

If the name is still available, you can reserve it to ensure it's still available once the company has been reinstated. To reserve the name, you need to lodge an Application for reservation of a name (Form 410). This reserves the name for two months.

Step 2 – Use our reinstatement calculator to get an idea of how much reinstatement will cost

Our reinstatement calculator will give you an approximate fee for reinstating your company. You'll need Microsoft Excel to use it.

Step 3 – Request a detailed estimate of fees to be paid

If you've used our reinstatement calculator and still want to reinstate your company, send us an online enquiry requesting a detailed estimate.

Within 28 days, you'll receive an email outlining the fees that need to be paid, as well as an 'Application for Reinstatement'.

Step 4 – Complete the Application for Reinstatement, pay the required amount, and send back to us

Once we've received full payment and an application has been lodged with us, it may take up to 28 days for us to reinstate a company.

Payment options include BPAY or cheque.

Find your company's BPAY details

If your application does not meet our requirements, it will be returned to you. There could be delays while we seek more information from you.

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Last updated: 15/12/2017 10:24