ASIC previous chairmen


Greg Medcraft BCom (Melb)

Greg Medcraft commenced as ASIC Chaiman on 13 May 2011 for a five-year term. On 6 May 2016 his term was extended to 12 November 2017.

Prior to joining ASIC as Commissioner in 2009, Greg Medcraft had a distinguished career in investment banking. He spent nearly 30 years at Societe Generale in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Most recently he was the Managing Director and Global Head of Securitisation, based in New York.

Greg Medcraft was also the CEO and Executive Director at the Australian Securitisation Forum and co-founded the American Securitisation Forum.

Greg was Chair of the IOSCO Board from March 2013 to May 2016. Greg is a director of the Salzburg Global Seminar - the first Australian to be appointed to the board.

He is also a member of the IMF High-Level Advisory Group of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Finance and Technology.

Greg was recently appointed to the Board of Directors United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

Extension of Term as ASIC Chairman

Appointment as ASIC Chairman

2007-2011 Tony D’Aloisio

Mr Tony D’Aloisio became ASIC Chairman on 13 May 2007 for a four-year term. Between 22 November 2006 and 13 May 2007, Mr D’Aloisio held the position of ASIC Commissioner.

Mr D’Aloisio has extensive commercial and legal experience and has been involved in business policy and regulation.

Prior to joining ASIC, he was Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Stock Exchange from 2004 to 2006.

Prior to this, he was Chief Executive Partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques between 1992 and 2004. Mr D’Aloisio joined Mallesons in 1977 where he practised as a commercial lawyer until taking up his role as Chief Executive Partner. His principal areas of practice were mergers and acquisitions, taxation and restrictive trade practices and international trade and investment.

In addition to practising law, Mr D’Aloisio held a number of management and business positions within Mallesons, with his role involving extensive assessment of markets in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and the UK.

Mr D’Aloisio has held a number of directorships and positions:

2003 – 2004

Director, Boral Limited

2003 – 2006

Director, Business Council of Australia

1994 – 2006

Member, Business Council of Australia

1998 – 2004

Member, International Legal Services Advisory Council

2002 – 2004

Member, Board of Taxation

2002 – 2004

Director, World Federation of Stock Exchanges

2001 – 2010

Director, Australian Charities Fund

Mr D’Aloisio graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts (1971) and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) (1973) and was admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and the ACT, and as a solicitor in NSW.

Appointment as ASIC Chairman, Treasurer's press release, 27 April 2007

Appointment to the Commission, ASIC Media release 06-356, 9 October 2006

2003-2007 Jeffrey Lucy, AM

Mr Lucy commenced with ASIC on 24 February 2003. He became Acting ASIC Chairman on 22 December 2003 and was appointed Chairman on 13 May 2004. On 13 May 2007, Mr Lucy commenced as ASIC Commissioner.

Mr Lucy is a Chartered Accountant and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the National Institute of Accountants, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his contribution to the accounting profession, particularly through the ICAA, and to the business sector as an adviser on corporate and taxation reform.

Mr Lucy was previously the Chairman of the Financial Reporting Council and he is a former member of the Business Regulation Advisory Group, a former National President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, and a former Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Adelaide.

  • Appointment as Commissioner, Treasurer's press release, 27 April 2007

  • Appointment as inaugural Chairman of IFIAR, ASIC media release 06-327, 18 September 2006

  • Appointment as Chairman, Treasurer's press release, 13 May 2004

  • Appointment as Acting Chairman, Treasurer's press release, 18 December 2003

  • Appointment as Deputy Chairman, Treasurer's press release, 21 February 2003 and ASIC media release 03-066

2000-2003 David Knott, LLB

Mr Knott was appointed as Chairman of ASIC on 18 November 2000 and resided in Melbourne. He first joined ASIC as its Deputy Chairman on 5 July 1999.

Mr Knott’s career spans more than 30 years of experience in both the private and public sectors. After graduating in law in 1970, he spent 13 years in private legal practice, specialising in company and commercial law before assuming senior roles in investment banking for a further ten years and, since 1992, public administration.

Positions held include Partner of Arthur Robinson and Co (now Allens Arthur Robinson); Senior Executive Director of Capel Court Investment Bank; Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Financial Institutions Commission (regulator of credit unions and building societies); Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Funds Management (pension funds manager for Australian Government); and Chief Operating Officer of the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (prudential regulation of deposit takers, insurance and superannuation).

During his time as ASIC Chairman, in addition to his role as ASIC Chairman, Mr Knott held the following positions: Member of the Council of Financial Regulators; Chairman of the Technical Committee of IOSCO (the International Organization of Securities Commissions); Ex-officio member of CAMAC (the Companies and Markets Advisory Committee); Member of the Steering Committee established by the Australian Government to implement the new Australian Crime Commission; and Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors.

  • Treasurer's press release no 105 of 9 November 2000

  • ASIC Chairman to retire at end of 2003, Media release 03-251, 12 August 2003

  • Treasurer's press release 18 December 2003


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