Episode 60: Holes in the safety net: A review of TPD insurance claims

13 November 2019

In this episode we discuss the findings and recommendations from ASIC's thematic review of total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance in Australia including what ASIC expects insurers and superannuation trustees to do to address the poor consumer outcomes. We are joined by the Senior Executive Leader of ASIC's Insurers team, Emma Curtis, and the Senior Executive Leader of the Superannuation team, Jane Eccleston.

The ASIC Podcast

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Episode 62: Corporate governance enforcement outcomes

11 February 2020

In this episode, we discuss the work of ASIC's Corporations and Corporate Governance Enforcement team. We explore ASIC's cases against former Kleenmaid director Mr Andrew Eric Young, former Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Healthzone Limited, Mr Peter David Roach and former liquidator David Leigh.

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Fintech innovations

31 July 2019

This podcast series from Toronto Centre gives regulatory and market perspectives on fintech innovations currently taking place in Australia.

Introducing the newest technology to capital markets - Oliver Harvey, ASIC and Katie McDermott, ASX provide regulator and industry perspectives.

To protect or to foster innovation: An inside look at a regulator's initiative to do both -  Mark Adams, ASIC

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