ASIC's role


ASIC Annual Forum 2017 - a preview

28 February 2017

ASIC's Corporate Plan - Focus 2016-17

16 October 2016

ASIC and whistleblowers

17 May 2016

Warren Day, Senior Executive Leader, Assessment and Intelligence talks about ASIC's role in relation to whisteblowers.

The Corporations Act and whistleblowers

17 May 2016

How the Corporations Act recognises and protects whistleblowers.

The role of culture

Asic Logo Special Podcast 60X40

19 December 2015

ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft talks about culture and its importance to the financial industry.

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Cyber crime

3 September 2014

ASIC Chairman Greg Medcraft talks about cyber crime and the importance of working with counterparts here and overseas to tackle the issue.


The National Financial Literacy Strategy

17 August 2014

The National Financial Literacy Strategy is led by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It provides a practical framework for action to guide and encourage all those with a role to play in improving financial literacy for Australians.



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Registered liquidators and creditors

19 September 2018

Nisansala Peries from ASIC's Insolvency Practitioners team and Michelle Jakubauskas from ASIC's Behavioural Research and Policy Unit join the podcast to discuss one way registered liquidators can help people who are owed money by a business (creditors) to navigate the complex landscape of an external administration.

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